The Big Falafel (Eps 1 Part 2) – Street Food

This is part four of the first episode of “The Big Falafel” in which Molly Livingstone looks at the news, the people and the stories of Israel, with a large dose of comedy thrown in.

– Part One is the quirky “news” of Israel, including the Purple-Caped Avenger, Yiddish singalong for Palestinian-Syrians, Pley, SessMe and Wix and Sabra Hummus.

–> In Part Two Molly takes to the streets of Tel Aviv to ask the people what is funny about Israel. She gets interesting responses, including from Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv.

– Part Three is interviews with the comedians from “Comedy for Koby”: Avi Liberman, Erin Jackson, Kermet Apio and a brief appearance from Bob Zany.

– In Part Four Molly speaks with Yael Schuster of the Know-It-Alls, and tries her hand at some science experiments.


Script: Molly Livingstone
Director: Ori Gruder
Content Manager: David Sedley
Camera: Shmuel Lugasi
Editing: Chayim Ehrenfeld
Graphics: Bat Sheva Pekarevitch
After Sound: Tomer Aknin
Production: Dikla Partush & Molly L.


Comedy for Koby

The Know-It-Alls