Our Vision



We are a new media channel presenting the real people of Israel and Palestine by producing original online video, radio and articles. We re-frame the discussion, allowing the people to tell their stories, their opinions and their hopes.

The media and politicians, just like the comics, prefer to present things as black and white. But we all know that real life is nothing like that. Good and bad are stereotypes from the movies. Reality is about people and their narratives.
Over the decades the issues and conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has been presented in many different ways. No situation in the world has received more publicity, media or attempts at political solutions. Yet resolution appears today further than ever in history.

We believe that there is another way to vie the situation. We listen, without prejudice, to the stories of ordinary Palestinians and Israelis. Far from the eyes of the media and the publicity of politics the majority of people in the region hope for peace, and many work towards resolution and co-existence.

Our goal in Full Frame Media is to counter the simplistic image presented to the world. We create high-quality, exciting, powerful short video clips designed for an internet generation. Shows like “The Hopetimists”, “Taste This”, “The Big Falafel” and “One Table.” We present the real stories from the people who live it.