One Table – (Eps 2) – What Kind of Food Would You Be

Six women from very different backgrounds, religions and cultures, sit together to discuss the issues of the region.

Today’s burning question is “If I were a food, what food would I be and why?”

Ice-breakers are important to give the women a chance to get to know each other. Before we start getting them to answer some more difficult and personal questions.


If I were a food I would love to be either sushi or mexican tacos why is that? Because those two foods are the most known diverse foods, all over the world and I love getting to know new cultures especially the food and how to make it. the people who make it its a form of art especially sushi, its very hard to make. and its pretty interesting for me to feel what that food is and to be connected with it mostly its about diversity. You can connect to cultures through their food as well yeah and what that says about them as well. I would possibly say soup because you can make so many things out of it Yet at the same time it is like a basic thing It has its core but you mix some vegetables or certain spices or whatever you want And that’s kind of what I feel I am in my own life I guess I’m religious But I don’t always fit the mold And I don’t always do things that are necessarily normal in my community and I think that would kind of fit soup because, you know, you stick in the pumpkin and you stick in chicken, I guess I can’t think of anything else to say because I don’t think of myself as food. That’s the thing, you should start. Well soup is good Soup is good And every culture has a soup, some kind of soup. Also there’s a thing where all the components become one thing Like they go into this… When you blend it When you blend it, but when you don’t You can see, this was a potato once and that was a carrot Together in this, swimming together. Coexisting. Coexisting soup is the next thing. I like food that has a good taste and is made well. Especially my mother’s food. So you’d be your mother’s food? Yes, until now. And when I’ll be a grandmother, just eating my mother’s food. This causes conflict with my husband [As to] whose mother’s food is tastier. All the time, my Mom. That’s the food I want. I think maybe i’ll be rice Because rice goes well with everything next to it And it absorbs the sauce And balances, that’s the carboydrate of the meal. So it balances everything. And.. I think its just good. I just like rice I like myself. We like you as well. Why thank you. You know its funny you said rice, because I thought about, I was thinking if I were food, what kind of food I would be, that’s very complicated to put down into… Then I thought bread. Bread. You know, its such a basic thing, We don’t even think about bread as as like a fancy thing, but its actually a very fancy thing also. There isn’t a culture in the world that doesn’t have bread. Some sort of bread. Bread is their – bread and butter Exactly. And its that basic, common factor between everyone. And there’s that saying When you eat bread and smoke with someone you have that life connection with them. its like when you sit down to eat something with someone like we’re doing now, even if they come from the farthest places in the world you have shared something with them, and this is intimate so I guess I would be bread. Well I’ve had the opportunity to listen to everybody here and my answer is why limit myself to one? ok, so I wouldn’t. because I would want to be everything. why not try taste a little bit of… be something especially as an actress, you can be whoever you want to be, so I can be any food I want to be. And I can really immerse myself in that food You could be tofu. I could be tofu. I could be anything. That’s the whole point. So I will take the opportunity to say I won’t lmit myself. I’ll allow myself to roam free, and be whatever I want to be at that particular moment in time depending on whom I may be with if that’s ok with you. You’re a whole menu. I’m a whole menu. Oh yeah.