One Table ep 13 What this Meeting was for Me

Each of the six women from One Table summarizes her experience, meeting other women from different backgrounds, religions, ideologies. This is the final chapter of One Table.

OK, I came here ready to be meeting everyone and to be open to everyone I’m sorry to say that I found out that not everyone is open to everyone and that kind of gave me a punch in the stomach because we kind of knew what we were coming to and I was surprised to find out that there’s still someone who does not accept my existence it kind of hurt me I came here expecting a bit of a war zone being that I have very… views religious-wise and land-wise – people would call them radical – about my country, and… everyone has a different opinion, a lot of people don’t agree with me and some people have things to share that I don’t know and I did learn. It was interesting to sit at a table and hear the different opinions, and people’s perspectives on different issues I was amazed because the first time I met an Armenian was here and I’m really happy to know that there are still beautiful people and amazing people, with great ideas and great views of life and it was, I’m really happy that you came into my life, just for a second and it’s nice. Thank you. After this meeting I want to come back to my little place with my little city, to do the things that I believe I am doing good, and affecting people that want to be listening about another I feel that it is something that we must do more if we also talk and don’t agree I think it is possible to know each other I think it is a start. This is the first time I’ve done something like this with people I’ve never met in my life and I actually love the fact that some of you guys are like I’m the first Armenian person that some of you guys have met and it was kind of like a new experience for you guys also So I love the difference, how we all experienced something different today and it was nice. I think that this initiative is something that is very important I don’t have the opportunity to meet a lot of different people from different backgrounds, different religions we tend to live in our own little bubbles, and mix with people who are like-minded to a degree so this is something which is very important and it has been an honor and a privilege to meet each and every one of you regardless of what you feel and your opinions because your opinions have value and your opinions will make the groundwork on which we can start to grow and I thank you.