One Table ep 11 Fourth Question Wave of Terror

The Six Women of Full Frame Media’s One Table speak about the latest wave of terror. For once they all agree that it is terrible, scary and must be stopped.

Fayga This one’s for you. Are you ready for me? I hope I am. How do you feel about the latest wave of terror? That’s hard. Depressing. I can’t even look at the news any more I got obsessed, and then I said “forget it. I can’t.” I can’t personally handle it. How do I feel? I feel very sad. I feel very hurt. People are being stabbed for no reason. I feel scared to walk in the street. And I don’t think I should have to feel scared to walk in the street in my own country. I think this is the first time we agree on something. No, seriously. Because me too. I think this is horrible, I think it’s sad and I’m also scared to walk in the streets because there are some freaking crazy people taking scissors and knives and stabbing people. As you know I live in Tel Aviv and the latest shooting by an Israeli-Palestinian was done in Tel Aviv in a cafe that I could have been sitting in. So that terror that you are talking about also hurts me. Even more, it hurts me because it demonizes the people that I come from. That one person demonized my whole community. Even the Prime Minister came out talking about my whole community that we are all terrorists in a way. That hurts me even double. What worries me about the terror attacks is that I look at the age of the kids who are committing this and that breaks my heart. because I think, “what… where” Where’s a 13 year old coming, running around with a knife in his hand. But a 13, 11 year old, what kind of atmosphere must they be in to come out and do this? That tears my heart I cannot bear to think of that. And I think that incitement is a huge issue that we have to address and we should… this whole preaching of hate and anger and violence and killing it’s got to stop. On both sides. Exactly On both sides. Because that is not the way. Because we are sending our kids to death. And that’s what needs to be tackled. That’s what needs to be discussed. It starts with generalizing When you generalize a whole community because of the actions of some it starts there. If I do that to the Jews and the Jews do that to the Arabs that’s it, we’re there. We call them names and they call us names and that’s it. And we’re one… But each and every one of us is a tool in this game. We all have to play by the rules. That’s what I’m saying No one can take law and order into their hands that’s what I’m saying. There is physical terrorsim and also a lot of mental terrorsim Some people take a knife and kill, I’m against that. And I say it is a bad, bad thing. But I feel also something else is going in the street in the people, how they talk, and something is very violent about that. All of the conversation in the country now is about violence and this is very bad. And that is something which takes all of us to somewhere not good. And also I agree with Fayga and with Mira about terrorism. That ths is something we must stop. All of us. Something bad is going on. And we must do something. Even if we don’t think the same about the past or who was here but there is something we must deal with to stop what is happening now.